Have a fit of the giggles to order, would you like?

Meet our special schoolteacher…

Jérôme came yesterday to present us an art he masters perfectly: hypnosis!

About theory, here’s what we learned: the hypnotist plunge you in a state close to the sleep, we are like in a dream, we are more or less conscious of what we are living.
Some are more receptive than the others but no chance to be in danger, our brain is programmed to wake up us before, phew! The practice of hypnosis is not “supervised” yet and in a constant trial, it is joining the huge subject of neurosciences. So, it is better to ask a trustworthy person.

Regarding corporate events, he recommends a public of at least 200 people to be sure to have enough participants rapidly receptive. Everyone could be hypnotized but for some individuals it takes longer. Two hours are necessary at least to try the experience in good conditions.

Forgetting our own name or having an uncontrollable fit of laughter? It is really possible! We experimented it!

Jérôme has developed the technical of the induction of laugh… He just has to put you in a sleep to provoke a fit of laughter. Obviously, we are intrigued, skeptical can’t wait to practice. Here is in video and without special effect, the demonstration of this fascinating art!